Pictures of rooms: total 13 ROOMS

VIP room
Double bed with bathroom ensuite
mini fridge, dvd player, radio, television, kettle, aircond, wardrobe, laptop table, music player, water heater in shower room, towel, shower gel, iron, etc.
( RM 170 )

E1) Economy room for group
Three single mattresses 
Separate bathroom
( RM 80 )

E2) Economy room for family
Queen mattress 
Attached bathroom
( RM 90 )

E3) Economy room for family / group
Double bed and double decker bed
Attached bathroom
( RM 130) 

E4) Economy room for single
Separate bathroom
(Price range RM 30 - 50)

E1 and E2 can be combined since we have a door to connect those two rooms.
So you will have four single mattresses, queen mattress with one bathroom ensuite.

S1) Standard room for two
Double bed with bathroom ensuite
( RM 130 )

S2) Standard room for family
Double bed with bathroom ensuite
( RM 130 )

S3) Standard room for group
 Double bed with separate bathroom
Extra spacious
Extra mattress available
( RM 130 )

Extra mattresses are available if you need them.

Thin mattress: RM 15
Thick single mattress: RM 20
Thick double mattress: RM 30

On a side note, you can always come to our guest house and have a look at each room. You can change your mind if you are interested with other room provided that the room has not been booked by other customer.

Price will be reduced if you plan to stay 
more than one night.

Once you have contacted us via email or our booking page, we will contact you and let you know if there is any promotion price for rooms.

For quick response and detail inquiries contact us at: 
+60132901598 (Whatsapp)
+60199875345 (Call)
+60139278305 (Call)

p/s: ALL rooms are equipped with air conditioner, but we can switch it off for you if you prefer not to use them. We do have quality portable fan to replace the air conditioner for economic rooms. Standard rooms are equipped with ceiling fan.

Pictures will be updated once i get back to malaysia ;)

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